The Science Behind Past Life Regression Therapy

July 3, 2023 (Last updated on: July 8, 2023)
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Past life regression therapy has gained popularity recently as a tool to access a person’s past lives and help them overcome unresolved issues affecting their present life. Let’s delve into the science behind this unique psychological therapy.

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy is a therapeutic technique that aims to access and revive memories and emotions related to past lives. The primary objective of Past Life Regression Therapy is to help individuals understand the root cause of their present-day fears, fixations, and phobias to combat them for a better and more peaceful life.

This type of therapy uses guided meditation and visualization techniques to help a person access memories of their past life experiences. These memories may be unconscious and have a hidden influence on their present experiences. The process requires a therapeutic approach to assist individuals in accessing traumatic and unresolved events from their past lives to help them resolve unique issues in their current life.

The Roots of Past Life Regression Therapy

The concept of past life regression therapy has been relevant across different cultures and philosophies globally. Many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions believe in reincarnation and the existence of past lives, where the soul moves through various lifetimes and learns lessons. This belief holds that the soul goes through multiple lives and learns lessons through each.

There are different versions and belief systems regarding death and reincarnation, and this idea has persisted throughout history. This comes from various sources such as religious beliefs, traditions, and culture.

One of the early modern researchers to pursue the concept of past life regression was Edgar Cayce, the famous mystic. Cayce believed that before birth, an individual’s soul chooses specific experiences to help them learn in their current life. Cayce developed a technique to help individuals access these experiences known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment. The regression technique evolved towards a therapeutic approach later.

The Modern Approach

Past life regression therapy has evolved from spiritual practices to psychotherapy. The modern approach uses the same principle of accessing past life memories but with a therapeutic lens. The therapist guides the client through a relaxed and trance-like state to access these memories.

How Does Past Lives Therapy Work?

Past life regression therapy works on accessing the subconscious mind that holds the memories of past lives. The human mind has a deep and profound connection to the soul. Memories of past events, which we may not recall, stay rooted in our subconscious and play a significant role in our current life, shaping our behavior, personality, and attitude. Our unfavorable karmic or trauma in our past or previous lives manifest in our present life in different forms such as phobias, fears, trauma, and unheard anxiety.

The client is guided into a relaxed meditative state, where they can access their unconscious memories. This process is done through hypnosis, which allows the client to take an active role in reliving or recalling these past events. Once the information is retrieved, a therapist guides the client to process the thoughts and emotions related to past-life events. The process involves a lot of time regression traveling and accessing memories that might seem unreal.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Past Life Memories

The phenomenon of past life memories remains, in some respect, a subject of mystery to science. Researchers attribute the existence of past life memory to collective unconsciousness. Carl Jung’s collective unconscious explains what’s inherited from our ancestors- the experiences and symbols that individuals inherit from past generations- that influence our emotions, feelings, knowledge, and belief system.

The concept of the collective unconscious mind goes beyond its inheritances and associations with animals. It may explain past life memories that surface in present-day feelings and perceptions, resulting in strange, sometimes otherworldly, senses and alignments.

Some researchers attribute the existence of past life memory to genetic memory. Our DNA holds a rich history and plays a role in our traits, such as eye or hair color, memory, and sometimes beliefs. Researchers believe that past-life memories may be a facet of genetic memory.

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy can benefit individuals in the following ways:

Healing Past Traumas

Past-life regression therapy can help to uncover past-life traumatic events, which remain at the core of fear and trauma experienced in the present world. By healing the past, individuals can move forward in their present life with clarity and confidence and stay on the healing path.

Understanding Karmic Patterns and Lessons

One of the significant takeaways from past life regression therapy is understanding the idea of karma and the debts that a particular soul may owe in the current life. According to Eastern philosophy, Karma is the sum of a soul’s actions, decisions, desires, habits, and thoughts through various lifetimes. Understanding and comprehending karmic processes and patterns can help an individual live authentically.

Recognition of Patterns

Past-life regression can help individuals recognize patterns related to work, relationships, health, and more by understanding the karmic implications of their past lives. This recognition leads to profound and lasting change subconsciously and helps individuals make better choices and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Connecting with Past Loved Ones

Past life regression therapy can also help individuals connect with their past loved ones. It provides an opportunity to understand the relationships between the souls in a previous lifetime and how it may affect their current relationships. The process can provide individuals with closure, help them understand the nature of those relationships, and bring peace.

Overcoming Phobias and Anxieties

Past life regression therapy can help individuals overcome phobias and anxieties that seem to have no explanation in this lifetime. By accessing these unresolved issues, past life memories help individuals understand the root cause of their anxiety. Once a person is aware of the cause, it becomes easier to address the issue and eliminate the fear or anxiety.

Release Self-Limiting Beliefs

Past life regression therapy helps individuals release self-limiting beliefs that may stem from past life experiences. By exploring the various past life regressions, one can identify these beliefs, consider them in the new light of conscious awareness, and let go of beliefs that restrict one’s progress.

The Role of the Therapist

The therapist is essential in guiding the client through the past life regression process. They must create a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to access their memories. The therapist creates an environment to enable clients to access their unconscious mind and, in turn, promote healing. The therapist’s job is to facilitate the process while remaining open to the client’s insights and experiences.

Evidence-Based Research

There is limited evidence-based scientific research on past life regression therapy. However, some studies have shown positive outcomes for clients. A study published in the Journal of Trauma Practice demonstrated significant decreases in PTSD symptom severity after past life regression therapy sessions.

While the majority of the scientific community may be unable to explain the phenomenon, there is still a following of people who believe it to be an effective tool for healing.

Criticisms of Past Life Regression Therapy

Critics argue that past life regression therapy has no scientific basis and is merely based on delusion. They argue that the client’s imagination may influence memories accessed during therapy. While this is a valid point, many past life regression therapy subjects have discussed the insights and healing that came from the process.

Addressing the Critic’s

Many past life regression therapists argue that the therapy works even if science cannot fully explain it. They believe that the mind and body have a vast capacity to access its unconscious memories, which can lead to healing and growth. Past life regression therapy remains part of holistic healing processes and has proved effective in helping individuals.

Limitations of Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is not suitable for everyone. Individuals who are prone to psychosis or have a history of trauma may not be ideal candidates for this therapy. It is essential to address any fears and concerns a client may have about the process before diving into a past life regression therapy session.

Preparing for a Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Clients should prepare for past life regression therapy sessions by having an open mind and being willing to explore their unconscious memories. They should also be comfortable with the therapist to ensure a safe, fun, and trusting environment. Addressing any beliefs or desires related to past lives and what one hopes to gain from the process is essential.

Choosing the Right Past Life Regression Therapist

It is essential to find the right past-life regression therapist. Clients should research the therapist’s credentials, qualifications, and experience. They can also ask for recommendations from friends or family. Finding the right past life experience therapist can be an awesome step toward personal healing and growth.


Past life regression therapy is a unique and controversial therapy that has shown promising results for individuals seeking healing and growth. While the science behind it may still be a mystery, many past life regression therapists believe that it has the potential to unlock the door to our most profound unconscious memories, leading to insights and energy that bring clarity to our lives.

Past life regression helps individuals deal with anxiety, fear, and other unresolved issues, guiding them to explore their soul’s journey. This therapy enables individuals to harness the power of their many past lives to steer their present and prepare for their future. The concept of past lives has inspired curiosity, encouraged exploring fears, and inspired growth in many individuals to place a sense of direction on their life journey.