Exploring the Roots of Past Life Astrology

September 14, 2023 (Last updated on: September 14, 2023)
two people are connected in one soul

The world of astrology is vast and intricate, with many specialized branches that provide insight into specific aspects of a person’s life. One such fascinating branch is past life astrology. But, what exactly is it?

Past life astrology is the practice of using a person’s birth chart to gain insight into their past lives and the unresolved issues that might carry over into their current life. The belief is rooted in the idea of reincarnation, which posits that souls are reborn into multiple lifetimes. Through this lens, life doesn’t start with birth and end with death, but is instead a continuous cycle of learning and evolution.

The Historical Perspective

Astrology as a practice has been around for millennia, with civilizations across history seeking answers in the stars. The belief in past lives isn’t new either, with records of its idea dating back centuries.

How Past Lives Relate to Historical Events

While most people think of personal memories when they consider past life recollections, some individuals claim to remember events from history or previous eras. For instance, a young child might tell a story from a time period they couldn’t possibly know, such as describing a life during the Renaissance or a particular field in the Medieval age.

The Concept of Past Life Memories

Memories are intriguing. They give us a sense of identity, tie us to our families and history, and provide context to our present experiences. But what if some of these memories aren’t from our current life but from previous lifetimes?

The Young Child and Memories

Children, especially those under the age of five, sometimes share stories or details that don’t relate to their present life. These narratives often surprise parents, as they seem impossible for the child to know. For example, a child might talk about a past family, previous life roles, or even a death that occurred before their current birth. Some believe these are glimpses into a child’s past life memories.

How Families Interpret These Stories

Many families are taken aback when their young child begins to recount tales from a seemingly different lifetime. Some parents might brush it off as a child’s vivid imagination, while others might see it as proof of reincarnation. While the nature of these memories is up for debate, it’s undeniable that these stories captivate our curiosity. Why would a child talk about historical events, a different family, or a life before their birth? The answers remain elusive, but the stories offer a window into the potential depths of the soul’s journey.

The Nature of Memory Access in Past Life Astrology

The realm of past life astrology often hinges on memory, but how does one access memories that lie beyond the confines of our current existence?

Memory and Age: An Intriguing Connection

It’s been observed that as people age, they sometimes recollect instances that don’t fit into the chronology of their current life. These memories, unlike those shared by children, are sometimes influenced by dreams, meditative states, or even spontaneous recall. While the young child’s recall may be vivid and untainted by life’s experiences, older individuals’ memories often come with a deep sense of emotion or an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

Medical and Past Life: Is There a Link?

There have been instances where medical anomalies, unexplained phobias, or talents have been attributed to experiences from previous lives. People have reported having aversions or affinities to particular places, cultures, or even food, suggesting a connection with their past life experiences. Some medical practitioners have explored the idea that unexplained chronic pain or birthmarks could be remnants of traumatic events from past lives.

Decoding Our Soul’s Blueprint with Astrology

Astrology is akin to a cosmic map, pointing us towards various avenues of self-understanding. Delving into this intricate subject can, of course, be overwhelming initially. However, the more one explores, the clearer the path becomes. Let’s unravel some key points and explain their significance in past life astrology.

The South Node Placement: A Mother Lode of Life Information

When discussing the past in terms of astrology, the south node placement stands out. Think of it as a signpost marking where we’ve been before, giving us life information from our past existences. If one were to relate it to a physical dwelling, the south node would be the foundation or the very cornerstone of a house. This placement gives insights into the circumstances we were born into, our family dynamics, and particularly the influence of the mother and parent figures. For many, this insight can be a revelation, offering answers to unresolved feelings or patterns they tend to experience.

The Zodiac House and Its Influence

In astrology, the term ‘house’ refers to one of the twelve sectors of an astrological chart. Each house pertains to a specific aspect of life, from career and relationships to personal growth. Understanding the house in which the south node rests is equally important. For instance, if someone’s south node is in the 4th house (which typically represents home, family, and roots), it suggests their past life was heavily involved with familial duties and responsibilities. This could be a point of reflection for the person, understanding how past familial roles have shaped their present relationships and emotional landscape.

Course of the Past: Charting Our Journey

From the beginning of our existence, the celestial bodies have kept track. The subjects of our past lives, the roles we played, and the lessons we learned are all hinted at in our birth chart. Each person, based on their unique birth time and place, has specific sign placements. These signs, especially where the south node is involved, tend to direct us to areas of our lives that require attention. Are there unresolved issues with a parent figure? Or perhaps a need to delve deeper into personal subjects that were neglected or left unexplored in past lives? The answers lie in understanding the intricate dance between the houses, signs, and nodes.

The Significance of the Nodes

In astrology, the nodes play a critical role in deciphering past life details and future destiny. The two primary points, the North Node and South Node, act as guides to our karmic journey.

Understanding the South Node and North Node

The South Node, often associated with past life memories and unresolved wounds, offers insights into lessons we’ve learned in our previous lives. In contrast, the North Node points towards our soul intention for this lifetime and the lessons we need to embrace. For instance, if someone has their South Node in Capricorn, they might have focused heavily on discipline and structure in their previous life. The North Node, being in Cancer in this case, would suggest that this lifetime is about learning to embrace emotions, nurture others, and build a more personal connection.

How the South Node Interacts with Other Planets

The South Node doesn’t operate in isolation. Its placement in the birth chart and how it interacts with other planets provide deeper insights. For example, if someone’s South Node interacts with Venus, it might indicate past life relationships that need resolution in this lifetime. The nature of this connection can guide an individual on what relationships or feelings to be wary of, ensuring they don’t repeat past mistakes.

Past Lives and the Present Lifetime

Connecting with our past lives isn’t just about curiosity; it provides context and guidance for our present journey. The stories from our previous lifetimes can shed light on unresolved issues that might be influencing our present experiences.

How Unresolved Issues from Previous Lives Potentially Interfere in Our Present

Just as physical wounds can leave scars, unresolved emotional or spiritual traumas from our past lives can leave imprints on our soul. These scars might manifest as irrational fears, unexplained health problems, or patterns in relationships that don’t seem to connect with our present life data. By exploring our past lives through astrology, we can begin to recognize these patterns and start the healing process.

The Idea of Soul Intention and Evolutionary Astrology

Steven Forrest, a prominent figure in the field of astrology, particularly in evolutionary astrology, speaks extensively about the soul’s intention. Evolutionary astrology, at its core, is about understanding the soul’s journey over multiple lifetimes. It provides a roadmap, guiding individuals to align with their soul’s purpose and healing any unresolved issues from the past.

Delving Deeper into Past Life Details

Having a mere inkling or a feeling that something is tied to a past life isn’t enough. For many, the need to retrieve as much information as possible is compelling, offering a clearer picture of who they were and how it’s relevant to who they are now.

How to Retrieve Enough Information

There are multiple ways to delve deeper into past life details. Astrology, especially when focused on the South Node’s placement and aspects, offers a systematic approach. But there are other methods too, such as regression therapies or meditation sessions focused on past life recall. Each approach has its merits and can provide the seeker with unique insights into their soul’s journey.

Steven Forrest and His Take on the Subject

Steven Forrest is a renowned figure in the world of astrology, particularly for his contributions to the field of evolutionary astrology. His perspective emphasizes the intertwined nature of our past, present, and future lives. According to Forrest, the birth chart isn’t just a snapshot of our current life but a culmination of previous lifetimes. The nodes, especially the South Node, can offer a wealth of information about our past experiences, lessons learned, and unresolved issues.

For Forrest, the journey isn’t just about uncovering our past but using that knowledge to inform and shape our present. By understanding where we come from, the challenges we’ve faced, and the lessons we’ve learned, we can move forward with greater clarity and purpose.


So, why should we care about past life astrology? For many, it offers more than just a sense of curiosity. It provides a deeper understanding of the self. Unearthing details about our past lives can shed light on our present challenges, patterns, and behaviors. By understanding the journey of our soul across multiple lifetimes, we can better navigate our current path.

In a world where answers to life’s questions are often sought externally, past life astrology encourages introspection. It beckons us to look within, to connect with our soul’s history, and to understand its intention for our current lifetime. Whether you believe in reincarnation or simply see it as a metaphorical exploration, the insights gained can be profound.

In essence, past life astrology isn’t just about the past; it’s about understanding our present, guiding our future, and enriching our entire life journey.