Welcome to “Reality is Weird”, a place where the strange and unexplainable become the focus of our everyday lives. We are a tight-knit team of dedicated paranormal investigators, truth seekers, and, most importantly, friends. Each of us has a deep-seated interest and vast knowledge in exploring the world’s most perplexing mysteries, fueled by our own experiences and the intriguing stories that this world has to offer.

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What is Reality is Weird?

Born out of the idea that the universe holds more than meets the eye, Reality is Weird is committed to diving deep into the unknown. We are the curious souls who choose to journey into the shadows, and our mission is as fascinating as it is endless.

Our team covers every aspect of the paranormal, embracing subjects that are often considered too far out for most. From UFOs, UAPs, USOs, and extraterrestrial beings to ghosts, hauntings, cryptids, and demonic activities; nothing is off-limits here. But that’s not all. We also delve into theories about time travel, life after death, reincarnation, and near-death experiences, always seeking to broaden our understanding of existence beyond the physical plane.

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Our Goals

Our goal is not just to inform or entertain but to educate and provoke thought. We are dedicated to providing a platform for open discussion, exploration, and further research into these profound topics. We strive to peel back the layers of conventional understanding and seek answers to the world’s biggest mysteries. Every blog post, podcast episode, and video we share is a piece of the puzzle we’re collectively trying to solve.

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just a curious observer, Reality is Weird offers a welcoming community for all who dare to question, learn, and grow. Our collective journey into the supernatural and beyond is one filled with wonder, fear, excitement, and above all, discovery.

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We’re Stronger Together

Join us, as we unravel the mysteries that have both fascinated and confounded humanity for centuries. There are so many unanswered questions and unexplained phenomena out there. Here at Reality is Weird, we believe that in the exploration of the paranormal, we may just discover more about our reality than we ever thought possible.