Astral Bodies – Discover What They Are and Their Purpose

June 25, 2023 (Last updated on: July 19, 2023)
A boy experiencing an astral projection and exploring the astral realms.

Astral bodies have existed for centuries and are prevalent in religious and spiritual practices. This concept refers to a subtle body distinct from the physical human body.

It’s often associated with metaphysical, spiritual traditions, such as meditation and out-of-body experiences. This article will explore astral bodies, how they relate to physical bodies, and their role in the human experience.

Physical Human Body versus Astral Body

The physical human body is the visible form that embodies a person’s life force, emotions, desires, and passions. In contrast, the astral body is a subtle body composed of astral matter and is often invisible and intangible. The astral body refers to a person’s energy and presence, sometimes called the aura. While physical bodies are visible and tangible, astral bodies are composed of subtle energy and are often considered separate from the physical body.

The belief in the concept of astral bodies is not new, dating back centuries. It has been recorded across civilizations worldwide, from ancient Egyptian and Hindu beliefs to ancient Greek and Roman literature descriptions.

More recently, the practice of astral projection became more widely known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Several publications released by the Theosophical Publishing House and other spiritual organizations described the subtle body, astral projection, and the astral plane. People began to explore the possibility of traveling outside their physical bodies and experiencing the astral world.

The Nature of Astral Bodies

Astral bodies are a part of the human experience related to the concept of consciousness, and they help us understand the nature of existence. They are invisible, intangible, and not bound by physical laws. Astral bodies are said to be able to travel through time and space and exist simultaneously in multiple higher realms or planes of existence.

It’s believed that astral phenomena exist in everything around us, not only humans, animals, and even the planet itself. According to spiritual practitioners, the astral body is composed of subtle energy fields that are invisible to the human eye. This energy is said to flow through the body, influencing the physical body’s health and well-being.

The concept of the astral body is similar to that of the subtle body in many spiritual practices, which can often confuse. Subtle bodies include the aura, the chakras, and other energy fields related to physical health and well-being. The astral body, however, is more profound and related to the consciousness and the soul.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane is the realm or dimension in which astral bodies exist and travel. It is often described as a cosmic, non-physical plane of existence where beings, including humans, can travel in their astral form. The astral plane is usually connected to the afterlife and is believed to play a role in death and the soul’s journey.

According to some spiritual societies, an astral plane is a place of higher consciousness beyond the laws of physics and the material world. It is believed to be a more profound level of existence made available to those who develop their astral bodies through meditation and other spiritual practices.

Types of Astral Bodies

Astral bodies can manifest in various forms and be categorized based on their purpose and function. The subtle body is the most basic astral body and is said to be present in all human beings. This body is believed to influence a person’s emotions, desires, and passions. The causal body is another type of astral body that is said to be related to the concept of consciousness and the idea of cause and effect. Often, these categories are not mutually exclusive, and some practitioners would prefer to describe them as layers or levels.

The ability to travel outside the physical body and experience the astral world doesn’t happen without its challenges. Psychic mediums and other individuals who experience astral projection and travel suggest that risk is always associated with these practices. The experiences can be unpleasant, illusory, or even dangerous if not understood or controlled.

The Role of Astral Bodies in the Body’s Systems

Astral bodies influence various body systems, significantly impacting a person’s life. They are believed to influence a person’s energy, mood, feelings, and presence. Astral bodies can even influence a person’s ability to sleep and can cause feelings of pain or discomfort if they are ill or not functioning optimally.

Many spiritual traditions believe that the astral body holds the power to influence an individual’s life through its presence, mood, or emotion. As such, it is believed that taking care of one’s astral body is as important as taking care of one’s physical body. This can be done through meditation, visualization, and energy work.

Through meditation, individuals can strengthen their connection with their astral body and develop a more profound understanding of their emotions and desires. Visualization practices can also help individuals to visualize their astral body, helping them to understand its existence and influence on their life.

The Importance of Maintaining Astral Body Health

As previously mentioned, caring for one’s astral body and maintaining its health is vital. By doing so, one can better understand their existence and attain a higher level of consciousness. Taking care of the astral body can be done through meditative practices, such as mindfulness, visualization, or psychic exercises. It’s believed that consistent practice can help individuals to become more attuned to their subtle energies, leading to improved health, mental clarity, and even psychic abilities.

Promoting astral body health can also be considered part of a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. Not only can astral body practices benefit one’s spiritual life, but they can also lead to improved physical health. As such, practices like meditation and energy work can be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of physical or emotional pain.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is a technique that allows a person to leave their physical body and travel in their astral form. It is often associated with spiritual practices and is believed to enhance consciousness and spiritual development.

Although astral projection is still questionable to many scientific communities, individuals who have experienced it can attest to its profound effects. This phenomenon has caught the attention of many researchers since the late nineteenth century. Some organizations, like the Theosophical Society, have proposed doctrines of astral travel facilitated through meditation and visualization practices.

Experiencing the Astral World

The astral world is a fascinating and mysterious place that can be experienced by those who have developed their astral bodies. The experience of the astral world is said to be profoundly spiritual, offering glimpses into higher realms of existence beyond the physical world.

According to some literature, the astral world is populated by entities and beings beyond human comprehension. They are often described as beings of light, creatures capable of energy manipulation, and other phenomena beyond human understanding.

These experiences can be a profound source of mental, spiritual, and even physical healing for those who witness them. Some spiritual practitioners use astral projection to gain insights into higher realms of spiritual wisdom, and it’s believed that those who experience astral projection often come back changed and with new perspectives.

The Future of Astral Body Research

Research into astral bodies and their connection to physical bodies and consciousness is an area that is still relatively new and underexplored. Nonetheless, researchers are beginning to gain a better understanding of these phenomena. The scientific approach to studying astral bodies is still met with skepticism and criticism, but the potential for expanding human knowledge of ourselves and our experiences is immense.

As more individuals seek to understand their astral bodies and even experience astral projection, the field of astral body research will continue to grow. Through continued research and study, modern scientific and spiritual communities can work together to unlock the secrets of the astral world and the benefits of practicing astral



In conclusion, astral bodies are a fascinating and mysterious concept that has been a part of the human experience for centuries. They are intangible, not bound by physical laws, and exist beyond the physical body. Despite skepticism and criticism, the study of astral bodies can offer expanded human knowledge of consciousness, spirituality, and the nature of existence as we know it.

Furthermore, astral body practices can lead to a deeper understanding of our physical and mental well-being. By caring for our astral body through meditative practices, energy work, and visualization, individuals can attain higher consciousness and improved physical and emotional health.

Although the concept of astral bodies and astral projection is still controversial, this article presents the importance of understanding its potential influence on our lives, experiences, and the world.


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