Summoning Spirits: How to Summon Ghosts Safely

September 27, 2023 (Last updated on: November 30, 2023)
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Throughout history, the allure of the unknown has tempted many to delve into the realm of spirits. But what does it truly take to summon ghosts, and is it worth the risk? Dive into this chilling exploration if you dare, and uncover the secrets of safely communicating with the other side.

How to Summon Ghosts: A Lost Art

For generations, human beings have been captivated by the idea of communicating with the dead. This practice, once an intrinsic part of ancient rituals and ceremonies, has dwindled in the modern age. But for those who seek a connection with spirits, it is crucial to understand the depths of these ancient rituals.

The Rituals of Old

In the depths of history, when the world was filled with magic and the supernatural was an accepted part of life, rituals to summon ghosts were common. These rituals often involved intricate spells, incantations, and sometimes even the spilling of blood. Mediums and witches were the common conduits through which these spirits were summoned, and they played a vital role in bridging the worlds of the living and the dead.

Newspaper Published Accounts: A Glimpse into the Past

The last half of the 19th century saw a surge in the belief of supernatural phenomena, particularly in London. Newspapers published beginning from this era are filled with accounts of ghost sightings, seances, and the practice of summoning spirits. This surge can be attributed to a combination of factors: the horrors of the industrial age, the traumatic aftermath of wars, and a collective desire to find accounts of life beyond the grave.

The Modern Age: Combining the Old with the New

While many of the old ways have been forgotten, there are those who still seek to combine ancient practices with modern beliefs. The use of an Ouija board, for instance, is a contemporary tool that many believe helps communicate with spirits. Yet, whether old or new, the primary idea remains the same: to invite the presence of spirits and communicate with those long dead relatives or friends.

Inspirational Spirit Poetry: Words to Invite the Dead

Throughout history, words have held a unique power. In the world of spirits, inspirational spirit poetry has been used as a means to summon and communicate with the dead.

The Power of Words

Every uttered word carries energy, a vibration that can pierce the veil between our world and the next. When uttered with belief and intent, these words can summon spirits, inviting them into our realm. Poets and mediums of the past have often commented on how certain phrases and incantations can open gateways, allowing the dead to break through.

Summon Thee: A Poem to Bridge Worlds

In the dimly lit room, with just a few candles providing a flicker of light, one might recite:

In the shadow of night, I summon thee,
From the depths of the earth to the vast open sea.
By the power of words, by the strength of my plea,
Oh spirits of old, come forth and speak to me.

Reciting such a poem, filled with emotion and longing, can act as a powerful medium, bridging the world of the living with that of the dead.

A Few Candles: The Role of Light in Summoning

In the eerie darkness, the soft glow of candles has long been a beacon for spirits. There’s something intensely mystical about the manner in which light interacts with the dark, revealing glimpses of the unknown.

The Significance of the Flame

Since ancient times, light has been symbolic of life, purity, and the soul. When seeking to communicate with spirits, a candle’s flame serves as a guide, an invitation, and often a protector. The dancing flame not only attracts spirits but also creates a boundary between the living and the dead, ensuring a semblance of safety for the summoner.

Choosing Your Candles

Not all candles are created equal when it comes to summoning spirits. It is said that white candles are for purity and protection, while black candles invite deeper, more mysterious energies. Red candles, often associated with passion and life force, can be used to summon long dead relatives with whom there’s a strong emotional bond. And always remember, never let the candles go out until the ritual is complete.

Summoning Ghosts: The Procedures

The art of summoning is not for the faint of heart. It requires preparation, focus, and an unwavering belief in the supernatural.

Preparing the Haunted Room

Find a quiet, dimly lit room in your house. It’s often said that rooms with a history of supernatural occurrences are more conducive to summoning spirits. Cleanse the room with sage or salt, creating a pure space free of negative energies. Ensure you have a friend present, for there is safety in numbers, and the experience can be unnerving.

Creating the Circle: Lay, Watch, and Wait

Lay a circle using salt or chalk. This circle acts as a barrier, protecting you from any malevolent spirits that might be summoned. Inside the circle, place a few candles, an article or two from the person you wish to summon (if specific), and sit comfortably. Ensure that no part of you breaks the circle’s boundary until the ritual is over.

Speak the Words, Light the Candles

With your friend watching over, slowly light the candles in a clockwise manner. As you do, recite the words or poems intended to invite the spirit. Remain calm, focused, and open to any signs of a spirit’s presence.

The Risks of Summoning Spirits

Engaging with the supernatural is not without its dangers. It’s essential to approach the practice with respect and caution.

The Dark Side: Demons and Malevolent Spirits

While the intent might be to communicate with a loved one or seek answers, there’s always a risk of attracting unwanted entities. Demons, malevolent spirits, and other dark forces can be drawn to the ritual, especially if not performed correctly. These entities can be harmful, seeking to harm or possess the living.

The Unintended Consequences: When Spirits Linger

One of the most common tales in ghost stories is that of spirits who refuse to leave. When summoned, there’s no guarantee that a spirit will return to its realm. Some may choose to linger, either out of attachment or malice. This can lead to haunted homes, disturbances, and a sense of unease.

The Evidence: Stories, Images, and Accounts

No article on summoning would be complete without addressing the tales, images, and newspaper accounts that give credence to the reality of summoning spirits. Over time, countless individuals have tried their hand at summoning, with some encounters more chilling than others.

Ghost Stories: Tales of the Summoned

Every culture and society has ghost stories, accounts of spirits that roam the earth. In many of these tales, spirits are summoned intentionally or inadvertently. Some of the most haunted places on earth are said to be where spirits were summoned and never left. Images, fleeting glimpses, cold drafts, and unexplained noises fill these tales, painting a picture of a world beyond our comprehension.

Newspaper Articles: The London Newspaper Phenomenon

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, London newspapers were abuzz with accounts of supernatural occurrences. Seances, mediums, and spirit communication became quite the fad. Published beginning from the late 19th century, these articles presented a mixture of skepticism and belief. But what stood out were the firsthand accounts of individuals who had summoned spirits. Some articles spoke of gentle encounters, while others recounted terrifying experiences with entities not of this world.

Supernatural Phenomena: What Scientists Say

The field of science has often been at odds with the supernatural. However, in the face of mounting evidence, many in the scientific community have sought to understand the phenomena. While many dismiss the experiences as mere hallucinations or tricks of the light, others believe there’s more than meets the eye. The existence of an energy or force, perhaps not yet fully understood, that allows for communication between our world and another.

In Conclusion: To Summon or Not?

Summoning spirits is an age-old practice, filled with intrigue, danger, and the promise of knowledge. While the idea of communicating with the dead is alluring, it’s essential to approach the ritual with caution. There’s much we don’t understand about the world beyond, and as with any journey into the unknown, it’s wise to tread carefully.

For those who seek to summon, may you find the answers you’re looking for and always remember the importance of respect and safety. For as the old witch’s adage goes, “What you invite into your life, you must be prepared to live with.”

Remember this article and the tales within if you ever feel the urge to summon spirits. The world of the supernatural is vast, filled with both wonder and peril. So, whether for fun, for answers, or out of sheer curiosity, always be prepared for the unexpected.

And for the skeptics among us, perhaps there’s comfort in not knowing, in leaving the world of the dead to its mysteries. After all, some doors, once opened, can never be shut again.