Reality Shifting Methods For Beginners – Knowing The Basics

June 25, 2023 (Last updated on: July 7, 2023)
A close up of someones eye as they attempt to reality shift

Are you tired of your current reality? Do you want to explore other possibilities regarding your reflection, life circumstances, and overall experience? If so, you may consider reality shifting, a method for shifting to a different reality.

This article will explore different reality-shifting methods for beginners and discuss everything you need to know to get started.

The idea of reality shifting might seem strange to some, but it is an increasingly popular way of tapping into the power of the mind and achieving a more fulfilling existence. Many people are interested in exploring reality shifting as it allows them to experience different facets of life.

Understanding Reality Shifting Methods

Before diving deep into specific reality-shifting methods, let’s first understand this concept.

Reality shifting refers to moving from one reality to another using your consciousness. It’s about shifting your focus and energy to a different reality where your desired self exists.

Different types of reality-shifting methods exist, and each works differently. The most popular are the visualization-based methods that use your intent and focus on helping you shift realities.

Exploring Desired Reality

The first step to shifting your reality is to be clear about what you want. It is essential to define your desired reality clearly so that you can focus your energy on achieving it.

Visualizing the desired reality is a crucial step in reality shifting. Once you know what you want, you can then begin to work on shifting to that reality.

The Quantum Jumping Method

The Quantum jumping method is a popular technique for reality shifting. This whole shifting method involves visualization techniques that help shift you to an alternate universe where your desired reality exists.

To use this method, you must find a quiet place to visualize and focus. Start by calming your mind and getting into a comfortable position. Then, please open your eyes, visualize a bright light, and imagine stepping into it. As you enter the light, feel your reality shifting and focus on the sensation. Keep focusing until you reach your desired reality.

The Two Cup Method

Another popular method for reality shifting is the two-cup method. This method is based on the idea that you can shift to a different reality using two cups and water.

To use this method, you need to fill one cup with water representing your current reality and the other with water representing your desired reality. Then, pour the water from your current reality cup into your desired reality cup while reciting affirmations that describe your new reality. Finally, drink the water from the desired reality cup, and focus on the sensation of the shift happening.

The Reality Transurfing Method

The reality transurfing method is another powerful reality-shifting method. This technique utilizes the idea of “falling asleep” to help you shift to your desired reality.

To use this method, listen to a guided meditation that uses the reality transurfing technique. During the meditation, visualize your desired reality and fall asleep while thinking of it. You can expect to wake up in your new reality when you get up in the same position in the morning.

The Piano Method

The piano method is another visualization-based technique that involves imagining playing the piano to shift realities.

To use this method, get comfortable and imagine yourself walking in a dark room toward a piano. Then, visualize yourself playing the piano keys while focusing on your desired reality. Keep playing the piano, and keep the focus on your new reality until you experience a shift happening.

The Alice In Wonderland Method

The Alice In Wonderland method is another popular visualization technique. This method involves imagining falling down a rabbit hole, similar to Alice’s experience in the movie.

To use this method, sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine falling down a rabbit hole and entering a new reality. Then, visualize all the details of your new reality and focus on the sensation of the shift happening.

Exploring Other Shifting Methods

There are many other reality-shifting methods worth exploring, such as the train method, the elevator method, the staircase method, the sunshine method, the raven method, the hug method, and the binaural beats method.

The elevator method involves imagining entering an elevator to your desired reality, while the staircase method involves visualizing stepping up or down stairs to shift to a new reality. The sunshine method involves visualizing basking in the sun’s warmth while focusing on your desired reality. You can imagine a bird carrying you to your desired reality in the raven method, while the hug method involves visualizing a warm embrace. Binaural beats are another method, where you listen to audio tracks that stimulate theta waves to promote relaxation, meditation, and focus.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Reality Shifting

To increase your chances of success when shifting your reality, try the following tips and tricks:

  • Recite affirmations that support your desired reality. Reciting positive affirmations can help to reprogram your subconscious mind and make you feel more confident and capable of achieving your goals. Repeat affirmations while focusing on the shift happening, and make them as specific as possible.
  • Focus on feeling happy, abundant, and fulfilled. Visualization is critical to reality shifting, so focusing on positive feelings when imagining your desired reality is essential. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of happiness, joy, and success.
  • Visualize scenes that support your new reality. Imagine yourself in your desired reality, looking around and seeing all the little details. Visualizing realistic, specific scenes can help your mind to believe in your new reality.
  • Focus on your desired reality and let go of doubts or negative thoughts. Doubts and negative thoughts can hold you back from achieving your desired reality, so letting them go is essential. When you start having doubts or negative thoughts, recognize them and gently redirect your focus to your desired reality.
  • Practice reality-shifting methods regularly. Like any new skill, reality shifting requires practice to master. Make time to practice shifting methods regularly and give yourself plenty of time to be fully immersed in the experience.

Other Methods

The above-mentioned methods are not the only methods available for reality shifting. Additional methods include the intent method, the mirror method, the Julia method, the training method, the eleven methods, the falling method, the pillow method, the Estelle method, the eye method, the Sunni method, and the heartbeat method.

The intent method involves using visualization and focused intent to shift realities. The mirror method involves staring into a mirror to connect with someone from your desired reality. The Julia method involves lying in bed and imagining yourself waking up in your desired reality. The training method involves imagining yourself on a train to your desired reality, while the eleven methods involve imagining yourself walking through a door numbered eleven.

The falling method involves visualizing yourself falling asleep and waking up in your desired reality. The pillow method involves resting your head on a pillow and imagining your desired reality. The Estelle or the Hug N’ Roll method involves hugging a pillow while imagining your desired reality. The eye method involves closing your eyes and visualizing a new reality while focusing on the sensation of opening your eyes and looking around.

The Sunni method involves imagining yourself on a phone call in your desired reality, while the heartbeat method involves focusing on your heartbeat to shift to your desired reality.

Shifting Symptoms

Many people experience specific physical or mental sensations when shifting realities. These can include dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, a warm feeling, a rushing sound or sensation, or a feeling of falling. Some may feel a sense of disorientation or confusion as they shift between realities.

It is essential to note that these symptoms are typical and should not be a cause for concern. Many people report them as a positive sign that the method works, indicating that their consciousness is already shifting to the new reality. Stop the process and seek medical attention if you are concerned about any symptoms.


In conclusion, reality shifting is an exciting technique that can take you wherever you wish. It is essential to remember that reality shifting takes time, practice, and patience.

Always approach reality shifting with an open mind, and focus on your desired reality. Using visualization and intent, you can create your reality and experience all the little details of a new world.

With regular practice, you can shift your reality and open up new possibilities for your life. So why not try reality-shifting today? Who knows what awaits you on the other side of the rabbit hole or through the elevator door?