Exploring Your Aura Color – How To Find It

September 28, 2023 (Last updated on: December 1, 2023)
A girl is looking for her aura colour

Each person is a vibrant tapestry of emotions, experiences, and energies, beautifully represented by the ever-changing hues of their aura.

Dive into the mesmerizing world of aura colors to unveil the secrets they hold about your soul, personality, and spiritual journey. Ready to embark on this captivating exploration? Read on.

Introduction: The Magic of Aura Colors

A Brief Overview of Aura

An aura, often visualized as a radiant light surrounding a person, is essentially an energy field. This energy field is not just a random glow – it’s a reflection of our mood, spiritual health, personality, and even the balance in our chakras. Its colors are like a mirror into our very being, showing the world who we are at our core.

Understanding the Significance of Aura Colors

Every aura color is tied to a certain set of qualities, feelings, and energy vibrations. As you delve deeper into the world of auras, you’ll find that these colors can offer incredible insights into our deepest desires, dreams, and even our spiritual presence. While some colors may resonate with our current feelings, others might hint at a spiritual level we aspire to reach.

How to Find Your Aura Color

The Power of Intuition

You don’t need to be an aura expert to sense your own aura color. Start by calming your mind and tuning into your own feelings. What color resonates with your current mood? Remember, intuition is key. Sometimes, the color you feel most drawn to is a reflection of your aura.

Using Technology: Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a unique method that captures the electromagnetic field surrounding objects, and it’s been used to photograph auras. By placing your hand on a special type of photographic paper and passing a small electrical current through it, the aura is captured as glowing corona discharges around the fingers. This can give a visual representation of your energy and, by extension, your aura color.

Consulting an Aura Reader or Expert

Another effective way to determine your aura color is by consulting an aura reader or expert. These individuals, through years of practice and experience, have honed their abilities to perceive the energy fields around people. They can offer insights not just into your aura color, but also its vibrancy, size, and any changes they foresee.

The Main Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Red Auras: Root Chakra and Daily Life

Associated with the root chakra, red auras signify a strong connection to the Earth and our daily life. People with a red aura are often detail-oriented, grounded, and focused on the present moment. Their energy is vibrant, passionate, and can be a testament to their zest for life.

Orange Auras: Sacral Chakra and Self Expression

Orange, linked to the sacral chakra, is the color of creativity, pleasure, and emotion. Those with orange auras are often free spirits, dancing to the beat of their own drum. Their world is one of self-expression, joy, and a thirst for the experiences life offers.

Yellow Auras: Solar Plexus Chakra and Intuitive Sense

Yellow is connected with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal power, self-worth, and intuition. People with yellow auras tend to be optimistic, cheerful, and full of vitality. They have a keen intuitive sense and often trust their gut feelings, which rarely lead them astray.

Green Auras: Heart Chakra and Healing

The color green is intricately tied to the heart chakra, the center of love, compassion, and healing. If your aura radiates green, you’re likely a healer, whether in a literal sense like a doctor or nurse or in a spiritual one. Green aura individuals are nurturing, empathetic, and often put others’ needs before their own.

Blue Auras: Throat Chakra and Communication

Blue auras are associated with the throat chakra, the hub of communication, expression, and truth. If blue dominates your energy field, you probably have a gift for communication, whether it’s through speaking, writing, or other forms of artistic self-expression. You value authenticity and speak with integrity and clarity.

Indigo Auras: Third Eye Chakra and Higher Consciousness

Indigo auras correlate with the third eye chakra, which is the center of intuition, foresight, and higher consciousness. Those with an indigo aura are deeply intuitive, often possessing psychic abilities or a profound spiritual awareness. They can be deeply focused, seeking a higher truth and understanding in all things.

Purple Auras: Crown Chakra and Spiritual Level

Purple, or violet, is the color of the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. This chakra governs our connection to the universe and higher powers. A person with a purple aura is highly spiritual, often having a deep sense of purpose and a connection to the divine. They yearn for enlightenment and seek to operate on a higher plane.

Additional Colors and Their Nuances

White Auras: Purity and Higher Presence

White is often seen as a combination of all colors, representing purity, clarity, and truth. A person with a white aura is seen as being in balance, carrying a lightness of spirit and a connection to higher realms. Their presence often brings a sense of peace to those around them.

Variations: Different Colors and Their Interminglings

It’s worth noting that few people have just one static aura color. Auras can be a blend of several colors, each contributing to the personality and spiritual makeup of an individual. For instance, a person might predominantly have a blue aura but with streaks of green, indicating a communicator who also carries a healer’s touch.

Discovering Your Aura Through Modern Methods

The Allure of Aura Color Quizzes and Tests

In today’s digital age, various platforms offer aura color quizzes and tests to give you a glimpse into your potential aura color. These quizzes often blend psychology with spirituality, asking questions about your temperament, preferences, and life situations. While they might not replace the accuracy of direct aura reading, they offer an engaging starting point for those curious about their energetic hue.

The Art of Getting Your Aura Photographed

A modern marvel in the spiritual world is the ability to have one’s aura photographed. This method captures the electromagnetic energy surrounding your body, translating it into vivid colors. For many, seeing their aura manifested in a tangible photograph is a powerful experience, providing a more concrete idea of their energy state.

The Intricacies of Interpreting a Person’s Aura

While tools and tests are valuable, the art of reading a person’s aura requires a blend of intuition, experience, and understanding. Every nuance, shade, and intensity carries meaning. Interpreting someone’s aura is much like unraveling a story – one of dreams, life experiences, aspirations, and sometimes, hidden fears.

Tools to Aid in Aura Exploration

How to Find Your Aura Color: Traditional vs. Modern Methods

Traditional methods to find your aura color involve meditation, spiritual practices, and guidance from aura experts. However, the modern age has provided tools like the aura color quiz and the aura color test. These online tools, while not as in-depth as a personal reading, offer a fun and quick way to get a glimpse of your potential aura hue.

Accepted Techniques in Aura Reading

While many methods claim to read auras accurately, only a few are widely accepted. Kirlian photography, intuitive readings by skilled aura readers, and specific meditative practices are among the trusted ways to decipher one’s aura color. It’s essential to approach this journey with an open heart and mind, ensuring that the methods align with your beliefs and values.

How Aura Colors Change

The Influence of Mood, Feelings, and Life Events

Your aura isn’t set in stone. Just as our mood, feelings, and experiences change, so can our aura colors. Significant life events, be it heartbreak or overwhelming joy, can shift the colors in our energy field. This dynamic nature of the aura is a testament to its genuine reflection of our internal state.

Growth, Transformation, and the Evolving Energy Field

As we grow, evolve, and transform, our energy field responds in kind. Spiritual awakenings, personal growth journeys, or even a change in environment can usher in new aura colors or amplify existing ones.

Tips to See Your Own or Someone’s Aura

Start Practicing with a White Background

If you’re new to aura reading, begin with the basics. Position yourself or someone else against a white background. This neutral backdrop makes it easier to spot the subtle hues of an aura. Gaze gently at the person without focusing too hard, allowing your peripheral vision to become more active. Over time, you might start to see a faint glow or color surrounding them.

Focused Gaze: Using a Mirror or a Person

Another method to see an aura is through a focused gaze. Stand in front of a mirror in a dimly lit room, ensuring that you’re calm and relaxed. Softly focus on your reflection, particularly around the head. As you continue gazing, you might notice a light or color emerge around your silhouette. Similarly, when trying to view someone’s aura, focus softly on a spot close to their skin, like the forehead or the space just above their head.

Recognizing Subtle Shifts and Details

Auras are delicate, often shifting and changing in response to our emotions and environment. It’s essential to be patient and attentive. Over time, as you practice, you’ll become more attuned to these shifts and will begin to recognize finer details in the aura’s color, intensity, and pattern.

Why Aura Colors Matter in Our Lives

From Personality Traits to Spiritual Insight

Aura colors are more than just beautiful glows surrounding us. They offer profound insights into our personality traits, emotional states, and even our spiritual journey. Recognizing and understanding your aura can lead to increased self-awareness, helping you align with your true self and navigate life more harmoniously.

Harnessing the Power of Your Own Drum

We each have our own rhythm, our own drumbeat that guides us through life. Our aura is a reflection of this unique rhythm. By understanding and embracing our aura color, we can harness its power, letting it guide us towards paths that resonate with our core being, ensuring we always march to our own drum.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Unique Soul Shade

Every person is unique, and so is every aura. Whether you’re radiating a calming blue, a passionate red, or an intuitive indigo, your aura color is a testament to your unique soul shade. It’s a window into your essence, reflecting your journey, dreams, strengths, and challenges.

Remember, your aura is dynamic, evolving with you as you grow and navigate the world. Embrace its colors, let them guide you, and always cherish the beautiful energy field that you carry with you.