Uncovering the Truth about Cryptids in Illinois

June 27, 2023 (Last updated on: July 19, 2023)
A huge mothman with red eyes

Cryptids, or creatures whose existence has not been confirmed by science, have long fascinated people worldwide. From Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, tales of these elusive beings have captured the imagination for generations. And, of course, Illinois is no different.

The state is home to a long list of truly spooky local legends, many of which involve mysterious creatures said to roam the land, water, and skies.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most notorious cryptids of Illinois, examining what we know (or think we know) about these strange and fascinating beings.

The Legend of the “Bunny Man”

One such local legend is that of the Bunny Man, a creature that supposedly terrorizes the area near Southern Illinois University Carbondale. According to the stories, this bipedal creature is covered in thick fur and has long, pointed ears like a rabbit’s.

Although most residents dismiss the Bunny Man as nothing more than a myth, a few local area townsfolk have claimed to have seen the creature with their own eyes. One young boy even claimed to have seen the Bunny Man dragging a classic auto group car down the street with ease.

Despite these sightings, skeptics maintain that the Bunny Man is a hoax, a product of overactive imaginations, or perhaps a clever marketing ploy. However, others believe that there may be some truth to the legend, pointing out that similar creatures have also been reported in other parts of the country. Could the Bunny Man be accurate, or is it a figment of our imaginations? The jury is still out.

The Enfield Horror

Another famous cryptid in Illinois is the Enfield Horror, which originated in Enfield in the 1970s. According to reports, the Enfield Horror is a sasquatch-style creature covered in dark fur and possessing three legs.

Many local residents claimed to have collected evidence of the creature’s existence, including documenting photographs and police reports. Although some skeptics dismissed the Enfield Horror as nothing more than a hoax, others believed there may be some truth to the legend.

One theory about the creature’s origins is that it may be a genetic mutation caused by the high levels of radiation released during the Cold War. Another theory suggests that the Enfield Horror may be a surviving member of a long-extinct species of a prehistoric creature. While we may never know what the Enfield Horror really is, its legend continues to captivate believers and non-believers alike.

The Mothman of Chicago

The Mothman of Chicago is another creature that has captured the imaginations of those interested in cryptid and paranormal research. While many people are familiar with the more well-known Mothman of West Virginia, sightings of the Mothman have also been reported in Chicago. In fact, in 2017, there were multiple reports of a looming figure with massive wings and slimy skin flying over the city.

Some believe the Mothman may be a harbinger of doom, appearing before tragic events such as plane crashes or natural disasters. Others believe it may be benevolent, watching over humanity from the skies. Whatever the case, the Mothman is a fascinating creature that has inspired countless stories and debates.

The Big Muddy Monster

One of Illinois’s most infamous local cryptids is the Big Muddy Monster, a bipedal beast that reportedly roams the remote riverside location of Murphysboro. In the early 1970s, there were reports of the creature terrorizing locals for two weeks. Witnesses described the creature as covered in dark fur and possessing piercing red eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness.

Although some skeptics dismissed the Big Muddy Monster as nothing more than a hoax, others claimed to have had their encounter with the creature. Police reports from the time indicate that multiple sightings were occurring intermittently over several weeks, suggesting that there may be some truth to the legend of the swamp monster.

The Lake Michigan Monster

The Lake Michigan Monster has long fascinated those interested in cryptids in the Illinois region. According to reports, the creature is believed to be a giant sea monster with teeth the size of enormous rocks and a slithery body that lurks in the depths of Lake Michigan. The legend has been passed down from generation to generation, with tales of sightings and encounters with the monster.

Some believe the Lake Michigan Monster could be related to the famous Loch Ness Monster. It is said that sightings of the creature date back to the early 19th century when sailors reported seeing a massive sea monster with glowing eyes in the waters.

Several accounts suggest that the Lake Michigan Monster has been spotted near the shores of various towns close to the lake in recent years. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the creature swimming close to the water’s surface. While some may be skeptical of these claims, others believe they offer compelling evidence of the monster’s existence.

Despite the speculation about the Lake Michigan Monster, various theories regarding its origins and existence have been suggested. Some suggest that the monster could be a prehistoric species that has managed to evade human discovery for centuries.

Others believe it may be a mutant species that has evolved due to pollution in the lake. Whatever the reality, the Lake Michigan Monster remains a topic of fascination for those looking to uncover unexplained secrets.

The Tuttle Bottoms Monster:

The Tuttle Bottoms Monster is a cryptid that has long been rumored to live in the swamps and muddy waters surrounding Mount Vernon, Illinois. Eyewitness accounts describe a creature that looks like an eel with a reptilian-looking cranium and a body that emanates a foul-smelling odor. Despite numerous sightings and attempts to capture or study the beast, no solid evidence of its existence has ever been found.

According to legend, the monster was first sighted by a local couple of fishermen in the early 1900s. The creature is said to have grown in size over the years and has become more aggressive towards humans. There are many theories about what the creature could be – some believe it’s a mutated eel or fish, while others speculate it’s a surviving dinosaur species.

Whatever the case, the Tuttle Bottoms Monster is a fascinating and mysterious creature that continues to intrigue those who have encountered it.

South Bay Bessie

South Bay Bessie is a mysterious creature frequently sighted in West Virginia’s waters. Reports suggest it may be related to the Lake Erie Monster, often sighted in the Great Lakes region.

Eyewitnesses describe the creature as having massive wings and a slimy, giant sea creature with a lamprey-like body. Some speculate that South Bay Bessie might be a prehistoric plesiosaur that has survived extinction.

Despite numerous sightings of the creature, there is little concrete evidence to support its existence. Some skeptics believe that people might be mistaking other known creatures for South Bay Bessie, while others argue that it could simply be a hoax perpetuated by people seeking attention.

Regardless of the truth, the legend of South Bay Bessie continues to fascinate and intrigue those who have set their sights on spotting this elusive creature.

Giant Snakes in the Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois has various wildlife, including snakes. However, locals have reported sightings of snakes much more significant than any known species. Reports suggest that these giant snakes can measure over 20 feet long, with some suggesting that they may be related to the anaconda family.

Despite efforts to capture one of these giant snakes, none succeeded. Some experts believe these sightings might result from misidentification or exaggeration, while others speculate that these creatures might be entirely new species. Whatever the case, the giant snakes of the Shawnee National Forest remain a fascinating and mysterious legend that continues to captivate those who hear about them.

Sasquatch-Style Creatures

Bigfoot isn’t the only Sasquatch-style creature rumored to live in southern Illinois. The Big Muddy Monster is another cryptid sighted in the region around the Big Muddy River. Eyewitnesses describe the beast as covered in fur and having humanoid features, such as arms and legs resembling a human.

There are many theories as to what the Big Muddy Monster could be. Some speculate it’s a type of undiscovered primate, while others believe it could be a surviving member of an ancient hominid species.

Despite numerous sightings of the creature, there is little concrete evidence to support its existence. However, the legend of the Big Muddy Monster continues to captivate and intrigue believers and skeptics alike.

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

In the late 1930s, the small town of Mattoon, Illinois, was plagued by a mysterious figure known as the Mad Gasser. Residents reported that someone was breaking into their homes and releasing gas that would make them sick. Many victims claimed to have seen a shadowy figure fleeing the scene after the attack.

Despite an investigation by the police, no conclusive evidence of the Mad Gasser’s existence was ever found. Some skeptics believe that the incident was a mass hysteria or a hoax perpetrated by someone seeking attention.

Others speculate that the Mad Gasser was a natural person who was never caught. Whatever the case, the legend of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon remains a fascinating and eerie chapter in Illinois’ history.


In the end, the truth about cryptids in Illinois remains elusive. Despite the efforts of dedicated researchers and passionate enthusiasts, we still don’t have concrete evidence of the Beast of Bray Road, the Enfield Horror, Bigfoot in southern Illinois, or any other mysterious creatures said to inhabit our state. Likewise, legends such as Resurrection Mary and the Ghost of Renwick Road continue to captivate us with their mysterious power.

But perhaps that’s part of the appeal. Something is thrilling about exploring the unknown, chasing after elusive clues and ambiguous sightings. Even if we never find definitive proof of these cryptids and legends, the search itself is worth taking. And who knows? Maybe someday, someone will stumble upon that crucial evidence that finally unlocks the truth.

Until then, we can continue to marvel at the stories and speculate on the possibilities. Whether or not these cryptids and legends are real, they remain an essential part of the cultural fabric of Illinois. They remind us of the power of mystery, the importance of curiosity, and the enduring fascination with the unknown.