How to Get as Close to Area 51 as Possible Visiting the Places Near the Mysterious Base

June 25, 2023 (Last updated on: December 1, 2023)
The front entrace to Area 51 in Nevada

Area 51 is a top-secret military base located in the southern Nevada desert. Since its existence was officially acknowledged by the US government in 2013, it has been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories.

The base is notorious for being heavily guarded, and it is near impossible to visit it. However, visitors can explore several places near Area 51 to get as close as possible.


Area 51 is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range, a training area consisting of military training airspace and ground areas. The United States Air Force established the base in the 1950s, and it has since been used for various research and development projects, including testing nuclear bombs.

The site, officially known as the Nevada National Security Site, has been home to numerous ufo sightings, making it the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theorists and ufo enthusiasts.

The Extraterrestrial Highway

The Extraterrestrial Highway, also known as Nevada State Route 375, is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing places around Area 51. Stretching about 150 miles through rural Nevada, it is known for its eerie silence, desolate beauty, and the rumors of extraterrestrial flying saucer sightings.

The route starts in the small town of Crystal Springs, where visitors can stop for fuel and grab a snack. Along the way, visitors can explore numerous roadside attractions such as the Black Mailbox, a renowned landmark in the vicinity, or the Alien Research Center in Hiko.

At the Alien Research Center, visitors can learn about Area 51’s history and purpose and get souvenirs such as the exclusive “UFO Tracker” kit. The Extraterrestrial Highway offers excellent views of the surrounding desert landscape and a unique opportunity to experience Area 51 at a safe distance.

Rachel, Nevada

Rachel, Nevada, is a tiny town, the closest one can get to Area 51, often overlooked for its cozy remoteness. The town has the sole purpose of serving visitors to Area 51. It draws tourists from around the globe seeking business opportunities, discoveries, and insights into the history of the back gate and Area 51.

It’s a popular stop for visitors exploring the Extraterrestrial Highway, providing necessary respite on a long drive with fun roadside attractions to explore along the way. Rachel is home to the Little A’Le’Inn, a unique motel and restaurant that caters to all types of visitors while touching upon critical elements of Area 51 and the existence of aliens.

Visitors can enjoy refreshments, including a signature delicacy, the Alien Burger, while taking pictures of the surrounding area.

Alien Research Center

The Alien Research Center is a must-visit spot for all visitors interested in learning about Area 51’s mysterious past. The center is located near Rachel, about 26 miles from the back gate of Area 51, and serves as an excellent starting point to explore the Area 51 territory.

The center is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and features several exhibits, including declassified documents, photos, and artifacts related to Area 51 and its history. Visitors can enjoy viewing a replica of an autopsy scene of an alleged alien body and purchase various souvenirs relating to extraterrestrial life and the military base.

One of the main exhibits at the center is the Wright-Patterson International Air Force Base’s Roswell incident. This exhibit is dedicated to the United States Air Force’s official report on the site’s Roswell incident, which has since sparked nationwide debates concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life forms and government secrecy on the matter. Visitors can learn about this top-secret military base’s history and read declassified government documents related to the incident.

Visitors can purchase official Area 51 merchandise at the center, including t-shirts, hats, and unique souvenirs that one can take home to remind them of their exciting Area 51 experience. The center also offers snacks and various refreshments for visitors to enjoy while engaging in stimulating conversations with other visitors.

The Back Gate and Freedom Ridge

The Back Gate entrance to Area 51 is located at the edge of the mysterious Groom Lake and is secured by armed guards who monitor the surrounding areas. Visitors cannot cross the gate line, but they can take a look and capture the site’s essence from several surrounding photo spots, such as Freedom Ridge, which overlooks the training range.

Freedom Ridge has gained notoriety for the government moratorium that led to the passage of the 2003 Military Lands Withdrawal and Overflights Act, which restricted access to the outside airspace of Area 51. The amendment recognizes the significance of the government’s testing range in the history of US national security.

Tikaboo Peak

Tikaboo Peak is about 25 miles southeast of Area 51 and is considered the top-of-the-list spot for a panoramic view of the top-secret military base. The peak’s height is around 8,000 feet above sea level, making it the closest physical point to Area 51.

Visitors must secure a permit to access Tikaboo Peak as the summit requires traversing the risky dirt road. Visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately and to bring essential items such as water and sunscreen. While the Tikaboo Peak hike can take up to six hours round trip, the memory of the breathtaking view lasts a lifetime.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an excellent base for visitors to explore Area 51’s surrounding attractions and plan a day trip away from the city. Las Vegas is also the point of departure for several tour operators that offer guided tours to explore the area.

The Great Tour is the most popular option and includes stops at several locations, including the Back Gate, Little A’Le’Inn, and several others depending on the tour provider. Due to the government’s strict security measures, visitors are encouraged to book these tours and recognize the limitations of accessing restricted areas.


Area 51 unofficially remains a mystery to the public, and visitors can’t expect to get closer than a few miles from the base. However, surrounding regions offer unique and exciting opportunities for tourists to explore and learn about this top-secret military base and its enigmatic secrets.

The Extraterrestrial Highway, Little A’Le’Inn, Alien Research Center, the Back Gate, Freedom Ridge, and Tikaboo Peak offer visitors an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s important to emphasize that visitors must adhere to the rules and regulations set up by the government and military personnel and respect the freedom of access to sensitive areas. Visitors must not trespass into restricted areas and respect the boundaries. Tourists that go beyond the regulations and compromise government security face prosecution, fines, and even imprisonment.

In conclusion, Area 51 remains an enigmatic site, attracting visitors from all walks of life seeking the truth about extraterrestrial life forms. While no concrete evidence exists of extraterrestrial life forms, visitors can enjoy several nearby attractions, explore the local area and culture, and learn about this top-secret military base’s history.

With the opportunity to take Area 51 pictures and videos and bring home souvenirs, visitors will never forget their visit to Area 51 and its surrounding regions in the Nevada desert.