Etheric Remote Viewer – Exploring Consciousness Through Etheric Perception

July 9, 2023 (Last updated on: October 3, 2023)
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The etheric plane, an overlooked aspect of reality hidden in our ordinary five senses, refers to a level of existence that is often overlooked. In spiritual and metaphysical traditions, the term “etheric” has been used across cultures and ages to describe a non-physical dimension closely intertwined with our physical world.

Herein, it’s believed, resides the human being’s non-physical or “etheric body,” an energetic counterpart that interfaces between the physical and the spiritual. The etheric realm is like an operating system that helps facilitate the connection between the physical world and other dimensions of existence. This understanding plays a significant role in our consciousness exploration and perception of reality.

Understanding Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a term that has garnered much attention over the decades. It refers to a claimed psychic ability to perceive information about distant or unseen targets using a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). An exemplary illustration of remote viewing is the series of experiments conducted by the Stanford Research Institute during the Cold War.

The American intelligence community sought to explore and harness psychic abilities as potential tools for intelligence purposes. The intriguing secret history of these experiments is covered extensively in the captivating book, “America’s Psychic Spies: The Secret History of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Use of Psychic Abilities.”

The Connection Between the Etheric and the Physical World

While they seem worlds apart, the etheric and the physical planes are more interconnected than most realize. The etheric realm is believed to be a space where information transmission occurs before it manifests as sensory perception in the physical world.

According to some philosophies, our psychic powers and abilities, such as remote viewing, are said to originate from the etheric plane, making it an area of intense interest for those seeking to understand the deeper aspects of human consciousness. The question of how we connect to the etheric plane is central to etheric remote viewing, and the answers could reshape our understanding of reality.

The Etheric Remote Viewer: An Introduction

An etheric remote viewer is not a title quickly claimed. It refers to a person who has mastered the ability to consciously access the etheric plane to remote view distant locations or events. It’s a skill believed to be within the potential grasp of every human being. However, only a handful have honed it to a reliable degree. The book, “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities,” by Russell Targ, illuminates the experiences and scientific evidence gathered by these uniquely gifted individuals.

The Science Behind Etheric Remote Viewing

Science, in its pursuit of truth, often finds itself on the frontier of the unknown. Despite mainstream science’s skepticism towards remote viewing and other psychic abilities, respected institutions have carried out rigorous experiments. The Stanford Research Institute conducted extensive investigations in the 1970s and 1980s.

Their results, which demonstrated statistical significance supporting the existence of remote viewing abilities, nudged the scientific community towards a greater acknowledgment of psychic phenomena. Though it has just scratched the surface, this first line of exploration hints at the vast potential and capabilities within human consciousness waiting to be unearthed.

Steps to Becoming an Etheric Remote Viewer

Becoming an etheric remote viewer requires natural inclination and dedication, like any skill. There are specific techniques for the extra sensory perception skill to grow. This includes developing shielding, focusing the mind, and accessing the etheric plane—all critical elements of the training process. But mastering these techniques isn’t the end goal.

The ultimate aim is to perceive the etheric plane consciously and translate these perceptions into accurate descriptions of the physical world, thus bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown.

Ethics of Etheric Remote Viewing

As with any powerful skill or technology, the application of etheric remote viewing calls for a robust ethical framework. A code of ethics is a moral compass guiding viewers to respect privacy, avoid harmful applications, and use their abilities responsibly. It ensures that the practitioners use their skills for purposes and services that align with their personal and spiritual values, safeguarding the practice from potential misuse.

Tools of an Etheric Remote Viewer

To successfully navigate the etheric plane, a remote viewer must develop deep focus and mental clarity. Some viewers also use meditation, visualization techniques, or specific technologies to enhance psychic abilities. These tools don’t bestow psychic skills; instead, they act as catalysts, supporting the individual’s natural abilities and aiding in tuning their mind to the etheric frequency.

Exploring Consciousness Through Etheric Perception

Viewing the etheric plane provides an excellent lens for exploring the enigmatic nature of consciousness. It forces us to challenge our common sense and understanding of reality, suggesting that consciousness isn’t confined to the physical body or the present moment. Instead, it may be a far more expansive and trans-dimensional aspect of our existence, capable of accessing information from distant spaces and times.

Challenges Faced by Etheric Remote Viewers

The path of an etheric remote viewer is not without its challenges. It requires accuracy, dealing with skepticism, and navigating the complex ethical and practical issues of viewing distant locations or future events. There’s also the task of integrating these experiences into daily life—a task that can be as challenging as rewarding.

Comparative Study: Etheric Remote Viewing vs. Traditional Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a practice that involves a viewer trying to perceive or “see” a remote location, event, object, or person that is not within their physical sight. The viewer is typically given a target, often specified by coordinates or a description, and they attempt to describe the target without using their normal senses.

Two main types of remote viewing practices you might hear about are Traditional Remote Viewing and Etheric Remote Viewing. They are different in their approach and basis.

  1. Traditional Remote Viewing: Traditional remote viewing is typically more scientific in its approach, developed from experiments conducted by researchers like Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and ’80s, which were later used in U.S. military and intelligence gathering efforts (the Stargate Project). It’s a structured, protocol-driven process that employs techniques like Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV), Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), and others. Practitioners use specific steps designed to allow their subconscious mind to access and describe information about a target. These methodologies are intended to be performed in a controlled setting to minimize sensory input and mental noise, focusing more on intuitive perception.
  2. Etheric Remote Viewing: This approach is more esoteric. It’s sometimes referred to as astral projection or out-of-body experiences. Practitioners believe they can project their consciousness or “etheric body” to a different location or time to perceive information about a target. The term “etheric” stems from the “etheric body,” which is believed to be a subtle body that exists in parallel with the physical body, according to certain spiritual and occult traditions. Etheric remote viewing often involves practices and beliefs associated with spiritualism, metaphysics, and New Age concepts, and it may not follow as structured a protocol as traditional remote viewing.

Applications of Etheric Remote Viewing

Etheric remote viewing has potential applications in various areas, from personal growth and self-discovery to more practical business or law enforcement uses. However, the full potential of this skill is still largely untapped, and future developments may reveal even more surprising uses.

Impact of Etheric Remote Viewing on Personal Development

On a personal level, developing etheric remote viewing abilities can be a powerful catalyst for growth. It can enhance self-awareness, broaden one’s perspective, and lead to a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of reality.

Critiques of Etheric Remote Viewing

Like any field that touches on the paranormal or the fringes of science, etheric remote viewing has its critics. Some users question the validity of the reported successes, while others express ethical or practical concerns about using these abilities.

Etheric Remote Viewing in Popular Culture

From films like “The Men Who Stare at Goats” to TV shows like “Stranger Things,” remote viewing has become popular culture. This has helped to raise awareness of the phenomenon but also risks trivializing or misrepresenting it.

Future Prospects of Etheric Remote Viewing

The future of etheric remote viewing is uncertain but full of potential. As our understanding of consciousness and reality evolves, so may our abilities to explore, control, and harness the etheric plane.

Etheric Remote Viewing Communities and Resources

Several communities and resources are available for those interested in etheric remote viewing. These sites offer training, support, and the opportunity to connect with others who share these interests.

Personal Experiences of Etheric Remote Viewers

The personal experiences of etheric remote viewers can provide valuable insight into this mysterious practice. While these accounts vary widely, they often share common themes of self-discovery, challenge, and transformation.

Scientific Research on Etheric Remote Viewing

While still largely relegated to the fringes of mainstream science, a growing body of research suggests that etheric remote viewing may be a real and measurable phenomenon. These studies offer intriguing hints about the nature of consciousness, perception, and reality itself.

Role of Technology in Etheric Remote Viewing

While etheric remote viewing is primarily a mental and spiritual discipline, technology can be supportive. These tools may offer new ways to enhance or explore our etheric viewing abilities, from biofeedback devices to virtual reality.

Final Thoughts on Etheric Remote Viewing

Etheric remote viewing offers a window into reality that is typically hidden from our senses. It challenges our perceptions, expands our understanding, and hints at the vast potential of human consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Etheric

What is the etheric world?

The etheric world, conceptualized in specific spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric systems of thought, refers to a subtle, non-physical plane or level of reality that coexists with the physical world. This etheric plane is considered closer to the physical plane in vibration, distance, and density than other non-physical planes, such as the astral or mental planes.

In some belief systems, the etheric world is said to be inhabited by various entities or energies. It can be perceived or accessed through meditation, clairvoyance, or out-of-body experiences. However, it’s important to note that mainstream science does not recognize or validate these concepts and remains within the realm of metaphysical speculation and individual belief.

What is the origin of the word etheric?

The word “etheric” is derived from the term “ether” or “aether,” which has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy. The Ancient Greeks postulated the existence of a fifth element, in addition to earth, air, fire, and water, which they called “aether.” This aether was thought to fill the universe above the terrestrial sphere and be the substance of which the stars and planets were made.

Later, for example, in the 19th century, scientists used the term “ether” to refer to a hypothetical medium that permeated all of space and allowed light waves to propagate. However, this concept was eventually discarded with the advent of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

In esoteric and metaphysical contexts, “etheric” often refers to the “etheric body” or “etheric plane,” concepts derived from theosophy and other spiritual traditions. The “etheric body” is imagined as a subtle body or energy field parallel to the visible physical body and serves as a blueprint for physical existence.

What is the meaning of etheric sound?

The term “etheric sound” is not commonly used, and its meaning can vary depending on context. In physics, it may generally refer to sound or vibration perceived not through physical hearing but through some form of inner, intuitive, or psychic perception associated with the etheric plane or etheric body.

In some spiritual or sound healing practices, “etheric sound” might refer to specific frequencies or types of sound believed to influence the etheric body or to facilitate connection with the etheric plane. However, as with other concepts related to the “etheric” realm, the notion of “etheric sound” is not recognized by mainstream science. Its interpretation can differ widely among different belief systems and practitioners.


Exploring consciousness through etheric perception provides an insightful path towards understanding ourselves and the cosmos. This exploration reveals our interconnected, malleable reality, exposing the universe’s elasticity and our consciousness’s potential to transcend physicality and the limits of space and time. Etheric perception presents the universe as a cohesive whole, indicating that our influence can ripple through existence. As we continue developing these abilities, we approach untold discovery. The potential for new insights, capabilities, and an understanding of our place in the cosmos is immense, serving as a beacon for our journey into etheric consciousness.


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